Agendas & Minutes

AGENDA: Saturday, July 8th AKA June 10, 2017        


Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

  • Called to Order. Time _____
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call:  K. Fjeld, D. King, S. Smith, S. Tuttle, MH Tuttle, C. Camargo, T. Atzei, C. Wysong
  • Any additions or changes to minutes from previous meeting?
  • Any additions or change to this agenda?
  • Public Comments
  • Treasurer’s Report from May.  See Spread Sheet
  • Committee Assignments –  Decide necessary committees & assign members
  • Committee Reports:
  1.  Kitchen MH.Tuttle:
  2.   Community Ctr: K. Fjeld/S.Tuttle:  Fire Extinguishers, Kitchen Suppression System, Exit Signs  (In Progress)
  3.  Bingo: MH.Tuttle
  4. Thrift Rm: Crystal/Suzie:
  5. Membership/Advertising Committee:
  6. Distinguished Member Plaque:  Anyone to add?
  7. Fire Station K.Fjeld
  8. USDA: David King
  • New Business:
  1. Key assignments, Crystal Wysong, Matt for cleaning
  2. Crystal to use kitchen, Freezer and refrigerator
  3. What to do about power consumption.
  • Old Business
  1. Building Use by HDTS in October – date to be confirmed. (Kip Fjeld)
  2. Building Use by MDLT on April 23, July 30, October 15 (?)  & December 9(S.Smith)
  3. Ballot Measure for Road Tax Increase – Did CMMCA ballots get in?
  • Board of Director Comments
  • Meeting Adjournment Time:__________       Next Regular Board Meeting:  Saturday, July 8, 2017