What is the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association (CMMCA)?

The CMMCA was formed by a group of area landowners in 1971 to provide an organized, communal response to the challenges and opportunities facing the Copper Mountain Mesa (see also History). The CMMCA manages the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center (CMMCC), which includes the Firestation on the property.

How are the CMMCA and CMMCC run?

The CMMCA and CMMCC are managed by a Board of Directors elected by Voting Members. The Board follows the By-Laws that were written when the Association began.

How do I get a copy of the By-Laws?

Download a copy of the By-Laws or pick up a copy at the Community Center.


How do I join?

You can join/renew online or join/renew at the Community Center by filling out a form and paying by cash, check or credit card.

I don’t live in the area, can I still become a Member?

Everyone is welcome to become a Member. If you live in the Copper Mountain Mesa area you will become a Voting Member (see below).

How much does it cost to be a Member?

Membership dues are currently $10/year.

I can’t afford to pay the full membership amount due to financial hardship. Can I join anyway?

Yes, please get in touch or speak to a Board member next time you are at the Center.

I’m a Member, now what?

  • Volunteer
    • We encourage Members to volunteer at the Center, see the Volunteer page for fun, interesting and worthwhile options
  • Join a Committee
    • If you’d like to get further involved join one of our Committees
  • Run for the Board (Voting Members only)
    • We have an 8-person Board, Members are appointed for 2-year terms and elections are in November

Voting Members

How do I know if I’m a Voting Member?

Voting members are owners of land and residents in the vicinity of the area known as Copper Mountain Mesa, and Sunfair Heights. And who have fulfilled the dues requirements of the Association.

What are my responsibilities as a Voting Member?

As a Voting Member you can elect Board Members. And occasionally the Board will request a vote from all Voting Members on an important issue or opportunity facing the CMMCA. As a Member, you will be added to our mailing list. We will contact you when your vote is needed.


How can I financially support the center beyond the $10/yr fee?

We are grateful for your donations of any amount. Donate here.

What will my donation be used for?

The Center is run entirely by volunteers, and your donations will help keep the Center open and serving the community.

Is the CMMCA a non-profit?

Yes, we are a non-profit 501(c)(4) ‘social welfare organization’. However, your donations are not tax deductible.

Activities & Services

What happens at the Center?

The Center provides a gathering space for the community. It hosts community events and classes. And it provides a location for various social services like the USDA food disbursement. The Center also operates Treasure Room thrift store, which is typically open during Center events and classes.

Can anyone come to an event/activity?

Everyone is welcome to attend our events and activities.

Can I suggest a class, an activity or service?

We love hearing new ideas. Yes, please!

Can I rent the Center?

Yes, please review our fees and policies here.

How do I donate to the Treasure Room?

Please bring your donations only when the Center is open, and leave them near the side door at the front of the building. Let the store manager know they are there. Please do not leave mattresses or televisions. We cannot accept them. Thank you for your donation!

I am in need, can you help?

Yes, please contact us or reach out to any Board Member you see next time you are at the Center.