Check out this history of the CMMCA that our neighbor and friend Earl Wilbert compiled — amazing. It includes the Center’s history of incorporation, street naming and numbering, securing the property, building the firehouse and community center, creating the Road District, joining the Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD), and much more. From 1970 – 1997.

A Brief History


Jan 1970 First organizational letter by Bob Davis, 120 letters drew 25 members.
April 1970 The group had grown to 100 members.
Nov. 7, 1970 The first meeting was held in Trudy and Leonard Poe’s home, sixty-four were present.
Dec. 12, 1970 The first Association meeting was at Joshua Tree Elementary School, where the first Board was elected: Dick Wallburg, Geo Chadwick, Daisydell Subers, Jake Raidel, Earl Siddal, Boab and Ranchel Davis and Earl (?) Norton. The first President was Bob Davis.
Jan. 1, 1971 There were 125 members: 90% weekenders, with a bank balance of 493.00 dollars. The Board meta at the members’ homes, rotating. James Dillon built his cabin in May to Sept. 1971. Joined immediately. Daisydell Subers was a great promoter and recruiter.
June 15, 1971 The First General Meeting was held at the Joshua Tree Elementary School, at 2:30. The Articles of Incorporation and the by-laws were approved and filed with the Secretary of State in Sacramento by Earl Siddal, Board Member, Deputy District Attorney. Approved by the Secretary of State Jan. 1972.
Nov. 13, 1971 The second Annual Meeting was held at the J.T. Elementary. The telephone lines were to be installed by April 15, 1972. There were approximately 150 members with a bank balance of $443. James Dillon elected to the Board with Alex Bradburn and Alex Corder.
Dec. 4, 1971 James Dillon elected as First Vice President with Bob Davis as President. Some of the problems of the day were: roads, water (Surprise Valley Water Assoc.), zoning. The County Supervisor for the area was contacted. Frank Preciado, volunteered to maintain the roads. Later the Association paid him a small stipend.
June 1972 Floods closed Winter/Anaheim Road. The Association paid to have the sand removed.
Nov. 1972 There were 205 members out of approximately 600 land owners. James Dillon elected president at General Meeting on Nov. 11, 1972.
Jan. 1973 The Association started a street naming campaign.
April 1973 Discussion continued regarding building a community hall. No action.
Aug. 1973 Complaints of residents about raising hogs and goats. If you have one acre of land plus 150 foot frontage you can have two hogs per acre and up to 5-6 goats per acre with no limit.
Nov. 1973 The General Meeting was held at Joshua Tree Elementary. James Mayfield, County Supervisor and his field representative plus the County house numbering technician were present. The Board elected Rachel Davis President and reelected her in 1974.
Dec. 1973 Started the Newsletter – Vol. 1, No. 1.
Jan 1974 County Planning Dept. assigned street names and house numbers and sent map copies to Post Office, Fire Dept. and Sheriff’s Office.
Feb. 1974 Fred Frederickson started checking on having a local fire department. There was much discussion of street names and acquiring a road “broom.” Action was taken regarding dilapidated cabins, County assessor determines condition, owner told to tear down or County will do it and bill the property owner.
Oct. 1974 Worst storm in years. Sunfair and Winters became impassable. The Association paid to have the roads made passable. Now have 250 members, on 40-45 are permanent residents.
Apr. 1975 First formal discussion of an improvement district for road maintenance. Applied for seventeen and half acres from Bureau of Land Management for the Community Center.
Jun. 1975 Larry Walker and crew made a road broom.
Nov. 1975 Fred Fredrickson elected President, reelected in Nov. 1976.
Jan. 1976 A new local hospital was built and the Joshua Tree Playhouse stared, both on 29 Palms Highway.
Apr. 1977 Larry Walker and crew building a second broom, having worn out the first one.
Oct. 1977 A formal request to the Bureau of Land Management for acreage for Community Center.
Nov. 1977 Bob Maybee elected President, reelected Nov. 1978.
Feb. 1978 New broom finished, thanks to Larry Walker & Committee.
Apr. 1978  Bought a used tractor – $2600.
Nov. 1979 Larry Laursen elected President.
Sep. 1980 850 property owners in area (Work done by Rachel Davis) 15% live here, 85% out of town, 10% out of State. The research regarding ownership was done by Rachel for many years. She spent a great deal of time at the San Bernardino County Recorders Office.
Nov. 1980 Road broom refurbished.
Dec. 1980 Milo Van Eaton elected President – reelected Dec. 1981
Discussion on size of a building to house a possible fire truck to be donated by San Bernardino County.
Apr. 1981 Lease signed for 17.5 acres, with payments of $170 a year for five years with the right to purchase then for $1,400 or 10% of the assessed valuation. County Fired Department promises a fire truck.
Jun. 1981 Authorized construction of a 40 x 40 steel framed building. Need $7,000 more.
Aug. 1981 Polly Walker donated the Fire Station slab. Worth approximately $2,000.

Copper Mountain Mesa joins CSA 38 (San Bernardino County Fire Protection District.)

Oct. 1981 A Pre-fabricated building delivered the second week of Oct. Larry Walker, welder and permanent resident, was the main volunteer constructor.
Nov. 1981 County budgeted 8,000 collars to train firefighters.
Jan. 1982 Fire Station #44 is completed! Dedicated on May 28, 3:30 PM with County Supervisor Robert Older guest speaker. Supervisor Older told his Deputy, also present, to expedite getting funds for a Community Center.
Apr. 1982 April 12, had the first meeting in the new Fire Station. Cost $14, 471, all raised locally.
Jun. 1982 Follow up on Supervisor’s offer of getting dollars for a Community Building, approximate cost 35,000 dollars. However Older was recalled which delayed the project for a short time.
Aug. 1982 The fire dept. crew numbers twelve, one Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 2 engineers, and had six calls the first week. The engine holds 1,000 gallons of water, a four wheel drive with a siren.
Sept. 1982 Tornado passes through Copper Mountain Mesa, destroying several homes including Ruth Ruffin’s and Doris Wilbur’s. Tornado thought to be aftermath of El Niño which destroyed several beach homes that year.
Nov. 1982 381 Association members, with less than 20% local. Alan Rubin elected President.
Jul. 1983 Received $17,000 dollars from California Department of Forestry for landscaping, labor to be local welfare people, with the Association acting as supervisor. Received $25,000 from HUD for Community Senior Citizens Center to be used for materials, and Association members supplying the labor.
Oct. 1983 Oct 1, Ground Breaking for the Center, a 30 x 40 foot hall, 2850 square feet, costing about $40,000 plus labor. The Community Center was built and finished before the Bureau of Land Management awarded the land to the Association.
Nov. 1983 Bob Seeley elected President, reelected Nov. 1984.
Jan. 1984 Letters mailed regarding opinions about creating a road district.
May. 1984 Four hundred-fifty-four members. Received $25,000 more for finishing the Center.
Nov. 1984 The Association had 475 members in 27 sections in 90 square miles. Building completed on Nov. 9th.
Dec. 1984 Copperettes formally organized.
Feb. 1985 Now have a copy machined and a pool table. Established a fire Dept. fund, to be funded by an Annual Pit BBQ. (The first chef was a County Fireman.)
Mar. 1985 First request made for Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) to survey 22 sections for annexation to Water District, 80% of approximately 50% responded were in favor. Needed 51% of owners in each section.

The County was contacted again regarding forming a Road Maintenance District. The last of grant money went for kitchen Cabinets, restroom mirrors and foundation plantings.

Held a Valentines Champagne breakfast which christened the kitchen. Netted $600.

A pit barbecue was set for June 15th, proceeds go to the Fire Dept. In 1984 the Fire Department handled 106 dispatches, 49 fire, 51 medical and 6 miscellaneous.

Fire Department gained five new members January to March 1985: 11-12 regulars respond to calls.

Apr. 1985 The 20th of April was the formal dedication of the Community Center. With many local and County dignitaries.
Apr. 1985 The Marines graded Sunfair Hill at our request because they were tearing up the road using the back entrance to the Base.
May 1985 County feed paid for road Maintenance district. 33 miles of road to be graded. Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) survey response for annexation was great, letter sent requesting the JBWD to proceed to extend water to Copper Mountain Mesa.
June 1985 County Board of Supervisors granted another $13,000 for building. Several suggestions to upgrade and complete kitchen, add 1500 square feet to building for office and rummage storage.

The By-laws were amended removing all past presidents from being on the Board, allowing only the immediate past president to serve on the Board for one year.

July 1985 County will lease fire station from the Association and will assume taxes, insurance and upkeep.

All papers sent to LAFCO for approval regarding annexing to Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD).

Aug. 1985 Earline Burr conducted first informal survey for starting Bingo.
Sep. 1985 Bingo license application completed.

Annexation to Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) by LAFCO approved and completed.

Oct. 1985 Preliminary approval of road district.

Bingo to be held Tuesday evenings – Tex Foyil was the Caller.

Nov. 1985 General Meeting, ninety in attendance – 511 members!

Adopted the following, “No acreage nor any improvements can be named for any individual or group, living or posthumously.”

Earl Wilbert elected President, reelected in 1986.

Jan. 1986 The formal County survey regarding forming a Road Maintenance District was approved.

Building addition started using a grant of $26,500 from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through San Bernardino County.

May 1986 Two and a half ton quick attack fire truck arrived to add to Engine 44.

There are 520 members in the Association.

Copperettes raised $13,500 for the Association in the past year, by the Breakfasts, dinners, bingo, sales, raffles, etc.

Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) approved Copper Mountain Mesa annexation.

Mar. 1987 A 640 square foot second phase of building completed, inspected, and approved.
Apr. 1987 Letter from Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) to fund a survey for forming a water project.
May 1987 About $35,000 available for road work and maintenance should start next week.

Road district are extended from LaBrisa to the Marine Base and from Border to Lear Avenue. The Association now has 532 members, a record high.

June 1987 Received a Community Excellence award from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for all we have accomplished with donors, volunteer work force and a shoestring budget.
Oct. 1987 Rachel Davis, long time secretary succumbed to cancer, she was the keeper of all the property ownership records, a founding member and a long standing very strong supporter of the Association.

Added 40 food steel storage container at the rear of the Center.

$16,000 of road work completed, eastern half of project area.

Nov. 1987 Fire crew of 15, 10 active. County will heat and insulate fire station.

Bob Seeley elected President.

Apr. 1988 Fire membership down to 10, more volunteers badly needed.
May 1988 Permits received for second building addition.
Nov. 1988 Doris Wilbur elected President and recuperated permit money except school tax.
Feb. 1989 Total assets $4,365 dollars. Copperettes raised $12,253 last year through breakfasts, dinners, lunches raffles, rummage sales and Bingo
May 1989 Problem with plans for hall extension rules changed, need an architect and a contractor. County grands can no longer be used with volunteer labor.
Oct. 1989 Room addition completed.
Nov. 1993 Delores Jefferson elected President. Reelected in 1994.
1992-1995 Much discussion, opposition, broken political promises, but no action regarding starting the water project.
Nov. 1995 Phil Spring elected President. Reelected in 1996.
Mar. 1996 March 28 at 10:00 am the Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) held a ground breaking ceremony for starting the water project to bring water to Copper Mountain Mesa.
May 1996 On May 6th construction started on Water Project.
Nov. 1996 Trudy Poe elected President, reelected in 1997. About 200 members.
Feb 1997 Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) Water Project completed.

Doris Wilbur bought the first water meter.

Nov. 1997 Water Project closed, any new owners will have to pay an extra 2400 dollars above the meter costs. The water project added about $230 to the property tax bill.

After all water bills paid, the Association has $14,300 in the bank.